Luxembourg is a highly skilled, multicultural job seeker’s dream! With its high salaries, buoyant financial centre and low unemployment rate, it attracts people from around the globe.

But it’s not just about work. Luxembourg:

      Is the gateway of Europe, nestled between France, Germany and Belgium

      Is immigration-friendly, multicultural and diverse, with around 60% of its active residents coming from other countries

      Has a stable and rewarding legal and regulatory framework

      Offers an attractive quality of life with its social security system, high salary packages and was recently ranked the safest country in the world

But it’s these advantages that make Luxembourg’s job market so different. Companies are eager for candidates with particular skills, qualifications and backgrounds.

So, if you’re interested in joining Luxembourg’s melting pot, knowing what local companies and recruiters crave is half the battle!

A High Level of Foreign Workforce

Why is Luxembourg’s workforce so multicultural? Because:

      There are twice as many jobs as the national working population

      There are four times as many jobs as the population of Luxembourg city

Luxembourg fills these job openings by welcoming immigrants and border workers with open arms. 70% of the workforce are foreigners who live in Luxembourg or commute from Germany, France or Belgium.

Luxembourg’s key economic sector is finance, fuelling a huge need for skilled candidates in finance, banking, tax and governance positions. So, if you’re qualified in any of these areas, Luxembourg companies would like to hear from you.

Languages Are Key

Because Luxembourg is so multinational, language skills are highly prized. The Grand Duchy has no less than three official languages: Luxembourgish, French and German. So, if you have knowledge of at least one of these languages you’re already ahead of the pack.

But English is important too. Because of its melting pot of nationalities, many companies have embraced English as their working language. In fact, 51% of the people in Luxembourg say they speak English at work.

When applying for jobs in Luxembourg, make sure to highlight your language skills wherever possible. Lay out your skill level in each language and mention any efforts like language classes. Companies love to see that you’re proactive and open to learning.

Multiculturalism Is a Top Soft Skill

Companies in Luxembourg also want to know that you’ll fit in with its multicultural atmosphere.

There are currently a whopping 170 nationalities living and working together in Luxembourg. That’s a lot of different cultures under one roof. So, companies love candidates that can demonstrate their multicultural experience in the workplace.

You can really wow a company by highlighting your multicultural soft skills in your job applications. Bonus points if you’ve already worked with different cultures or at international locations. Even mentioning you’ve travelled extensively or studied overseas can move you to the top of the pile.

Companies value candidates who are a good fit with their company culture. If you don’t highlight your multicultural experience, you may narrow your job opportunities.

Getting the Word Out

Even if you tick all the boxes, you may still struggle to have your job application seen by the right people. Luckily as it’s a small market, networking is the perfect way to get your foot in the door.

If you’re living in or near Luxembourg, there’s a ton of networking events to choose from. Companies are more likely to hire people they’ve already met and ‘know’. So, take a look at event apps like Eventbrite to find conferences, presentations or drinks in your industry.

Not in Luxembourg? You can still do some virtual networking on LinkedIn.

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is in good shape and that your status is looking for work. Then, start reaching out to companies and decision makers in your industry. You should also join any relevant groups.

As Luxembourg is so small, it’s often who you know rather than what you know! So, if you’ve spotted your dream job and you know someone who works there, ask them for a referral.

Another great way to navigate the Luxembourg job market is to reach out to recruitment agents like Saro Recruitment. They have insider knowledge of what companies are looking for and how best to present yourself.

Over to You

Luxembourg’s job market reflects its unique position in Europe as a financial powerhouse, melting pot of nationalities and multiple official languages.

If you’re eager to find work in Luxembourg, you’ll need an expert to help you navigate the local job market and find the best role for you.

Saro Recruitment’s extensive experience, knowledge and network in Luxembourg means you’ll get the very best support and advice for your job search. Our experienced agents meet every candidate in person to make sure to find you your perfect position.

So don’t hesitate — contact Saro Recruitment today or take a look at our vacancies!

09 August 2019