Do you suspect that you keep making the same old job search mistakes, but don’t know how to turn it around?

Maybe you get the silent treatment from companies you’re applying to. Or you wonder why you didn’t hear about that perfect job until your ex-colleague got it?

It’s easy to make the odd mistake when you’re looking for work. You’re not a recruiter, after all. You’re operating outside of your comfort zone and the recruitment market can feel like a jungle sometimes.

But if you’re not getting the results you want from your job search, it’s time to look at your process. Maybe you’re not tailoring your application enough to each company? Or maybe you’re not dedicating enough time and effort to your search?

Whatever the problem you’re having, Saro Recruitment has been there and done that. Here are the common job search mistakes we see every day and — better yet — how you can avoid them.

You’re Not Networking Enough

Did you know that many jobs are never even advertised? Instead, the positions are filled through networking and referrals. Don’t make the job search mistake of signing up for a job alert and then expecting that the perfect job will land on your lap. Instead, get busy networking to let people know you’re on the lookout for another position.
When it comes to hiring, companies prefer to gamble on someone they already know rather than a stranger. So, start targetting the companies you want to work for by showing your face at industry and networking events.

And you don’t need to meet hiring managers in real life to make an impression. Follow your preferred companies on social media like LinkedIn, and like and comment on their posts. People will start to recognise your name and face, and if any positions open up they’ll remember you’re on the lookout.

You’re Not Asking for Referrals

Did you know that many companies pay referral fees to employees that nominate people for internal positions? Referrals are not only a win-win for you and the person who put you forward, but also one of the best ways to get hired.

One of the most common job search mistakes is not getting the word out that you’re looking for a new opportunity. Reach out to friends, family, former co-workers and classmates to let them know you’re on the job market. If you see a position advertised and you know someone who works in that company, ask them if they will refer you.

You’re Not Making It Your Job to Find a Job

If you’re serious about finding another position, you need to make your job search a priority. Don’t put your job hunt on the back burner while you’re distracted by other things. It’s an ongoing project that needs your regular attention, so put a concrete plan in place to find that perfect job and stick to it.

Put some time aside every week to search for positions, make networking connections and attend events in your industry. Don’t forget that networking is a long game and it can take time to pay off. So, set yourself a goal to reach out to a certain number of people every week and make sure you achieve it.

Your Application Isn’t Specific Enough

Hiring managers are busy people and you only have seconds to make a first impression. If you just send out a generic CV and cover letter for every job application, you won’t get past the first round.

It’s better to spend some time crafting the perfect application when a job you really want comes up. So, read the job description thoroughly and take the time to research the company before you apply.

Your Cover Letter

You must keep your cover letter concise and targeted to the company and job description. Instead of just stating the reasons why you want the job, explain exactly what you can offer the company. Use this letter to prove that you are the right fit, by matching your qualifications and experience to the job description.

Your CV

Your CV should also be as concise as possible so that a busy recruiter can easily scan it. Remember to:
● Keep it short and easy to read
● Highlight your experience and skills that match the position you’re applying for
● Leave out unnecessary information like your hobbies and your primary school details

You Aren’t Prepared for the Interview

Before a company hires you, they want to be sure that you’re a good fit for the position and their business culture. So always do extensive research on the company beforehand and tell them why you want to work there. If you don’t know what their dress code is, ask around to find out.

At the interview, concentrate on what you can do for the company instead of just talking about why you want the job. Make sure to highlight any experience, skills or qualifications that match the job description and their company culture. And ask questions to show that you’re genuinely interested in finding out more about them and what they are looking for.

You Don’t Have Your References In Order

Everyone knows that paperwork issues can quickly derail the hiring process. So, increase your chances of being hired by having your references and qualifications ready to go. If the company wants to hire someone quickly, they might discount someone who doesn’t have their documents immediately on hand.

You Take Rejection Personally

Everyone’s been knocked back at some point in their lives and not got the job they wanted. But a common job search mistake is to let rejections affect your confidence and make you give up.

Remember that it’s just business and there are many reasons why a company can go another way. You need to pick yourself back up and keep looking, because it’s a marathon not a race. If you put enough time and effort into your job search, it will eventually pay off.

Now that you know the mistakes to avoid in your job search, why not put this knowledge to the test? Saro Recruitment’s personalised support and matching services will help you find your perfect job without the hassle. Contact us today, or take a look at our vacancies!

14 June 2019