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Recommend someone!

Email us at info@saro-recruitment.com with the candidate’s CV, the vacancy name and the mentioned job number.

Our consultants check the profile of the candidate, organise an appointment with them, and present them to the company if they match the job offer. If the candidate is hired, you will receive a €250,00 Amazon gift card!

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Recommend Someone

The following rules apply to this promotion: 1. You are known to Saro Recruitment as a (new) candidate, client or supplier; 2. You are family, a friend or an acquaintance of the candidate you have referred to Saro Recruitment; 3. In the past 3 months Saro Recruitment did not have contact with the candidate about job opportunities; 4. To obtain the incentive worth € 250,- a candidate must be placed and have started working at their new employer; 5. One week after the first working day of the candidate, the incentive can be picked up at Saro Recruitment’s Luxembourg office, or can be send to the referral’s home address.