PawelPawel Galanty - Associate Consultant

I started working for Saro Recruitment in January 2018 after my re-location to Luxembourg. Before this, I completed a degree in Business Management in London and managed a construction company where I had the privilege of getting to know people from various parts of the UK and with different individual experiences and backgrounds. After this, I knew that working with people, networking and having a positive impact on others was something for me and I therefore began looking for a career in this field after my re-location .

I enjoy networking and being in contact with people from different backgrounds and experiences, therefore recruitment sector was a perfect fit. I am happy when I am able help candidates find a suitable match for their future career path in order to ensure that both sides are happy and their needs are met. For me, it is extremely important to establish a good relationship with candidates and clients. Here, at Saro, we have that very important task of meeting everyone face-to-face and connect people for mutual benefit.

Coming from a Polish background and being raised in London allowed me to be very open-minded. I have been fortunate to develop a liking for all kinds of hobbies and interests, but meeting new people, travelling and experiencing all the interesting things the world has to offer have remained my biggest passion, while playing football and going to the gym is remains by day-to-day favorite. But above everything, I am most happy when I am able to spend time with family and friends.

Languages spoken: English and Polish

“Have the courage to follow your intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.”- Steve Jobs