Maryna Havrylenko - Recruiting Assistant

I work for Saro Recruitment part-time and am responsible for providing various administrative services for our team. Having obtained a Master’s degree in Roman Philology (French Language & Literature, English Language), I decided to pursue further studies at the University of Luxembourg to expand my qualifications. I chose to study Law, an option that despite being particularly compelling requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Participating in the recruitment process makes me feel happy and proud at the same time, as we help jobseekers find the vacancy that totally corresponds with their expectations and, on the other hand, select the most suitable candidates for our client to satisfy their demands. A company’s success is not possible without a good team of professionals, so we all have a very important mission – to connect people for mutually beneficial relations.

Personally, I always seek to improve my skills, and find it exciting to face new challenges. People who I have encountered in both my academic and professional careers particularly appreciate my organizational skills and flexibility. Moreover, I am an open-minded person; I like meeting new people and find it fascinating to learn about their life experiences. I enjoy working in a multicultural society as it helps me to think globally and better understand the world.

Languages spoken: Ukrainian, Russian, French & English

“’A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot. Think BIG. And then think bigger than THAT.”  ― Dr. Joe Vitale