PanosPanagiotis Doukas - Consultant

After receiving a Master’s in Human Resources Management at the Athens University of Economics & Business, and a Post-graduate Program in Project Management from the University of Piraeus, I entered the HR & Recruitment sector. For the last six years I worked in several HR & Recruitment departments at multinational companies, contributing to the effective operation of them. I was always trying to develop the quality of personnel through recruitment, while contributing to the development of the employees’ productivity.

With organisations becoming increasingly aware of the need to attract and retain the best people for their workforce, along with the somewhat complex nature of employee welfare and employment law, employers are constantly seeking skilled professionals. The impact of a recruiter is twofold: first, you can literally change the life of an individual by placing them in their dream job, and second, you can effectively change the direction and the success of a corporation with a single great hire in a key job. Just like in sports, it is obvious that you are making a difference when you successfully recruit top talent to the organisation.

I started working for Saro Recruitment in March 2018 after my re-location to Luxembourg. Through my role at Saro, I can implement my own ideas and insights. I enjoy being in contact with people from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences, and therefore the recruitment sector is a perfect fit. I’m confident, reliable and a good listener; I have the ability to build professional relationships, a goal-oriented mindset, great communication skills, and I have integrity. In my free time I love to watch movies and sports. I also like playing football and travelling as much as I can.

Languages spoken: Greek & English

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” - Peter Drucker